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I never know how a painting is going to end even though I see the end before the beginning. By the time I get to the end it's changed to another path. I usually end up taking that ending into another painting so in essence my mind keeps creating endlessly. It's a colorful world in that big head of mine. My mind soaks up plenty so I've to sometimes watch what I let in. I paint what I see which is a lot. I'm an insomniac like many artists. Once I grab a brush I'm gone. There's just something about painting into the night when the world is silent and it's just me my canvas, hot peppermint tea and some music. Oh that's heaven.

Featured Art

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Oil Paintings

Oil paintings are a popular choice for decorating the walls of any room, from a home to an office. The rich colors and textures of oil paintings make them look like something out of a dream


Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic Paintings are one of the most popular forms of art today, they have the ability to be bold and edgy when painted with a palette knife, or soft and beautiful when painted with a brush



Watercolor paintings are a gorgeous and unique way to decorate your room, providing a splash of color and bringing out the artist's fine touch. Available as either an original or get a print.



Charcoal drawings offer abstract chromatic designs featuring smooth gradients while also allowing for high contrast lines. Charcoal drawings pair very well with minimalist spaces.

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